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EPICamp V: Sustainable Cities and Regional Change, 31st March – 1st April, 2022

Rada naukowa działająca w ramach Uniwersytetu Europejskiego EPICUR serdecznie zaprasza  do udziału w piątej edycji EPICamp. Wydarzenie odbędzie się w dniach 31 marca - 1 kwietnia 2022 r. w formie online.

Serdecznie zachęcamy do rejestracji i zgłaszania aktywnego udziału w ramach 15 sesji tematycznych:

  1. Relationships between cities and rural hinterland in the context of sustainability
  2. Urban and regional sustainability transition and environmental justice
  3. Urban metabolism, incl. trade and resource footprints
  4. Renewable and efficient energy production
  5. Landscape and urban planning
  6. Green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and human-nature interactions in urban context
  7. Social aspects of urban sustainability transformation and citizen engagement in decision making
  8. Digitization, smart cities and bio-cities
  9. Water and solid waste management, resource use, and circular economy
  10. Urban remediation to recover the land and the original value
  11. Built-environment and land take, incl. land sealing
  12. Sustainable transportation and mobility
  13. Urban climate change mitigation and adaptation
  14. Urban and peri-urban ecosystem services and biodiversity
  15. Public health in urban areas and role of landscape planning, incl. COVID-19 related issues

Aby wziąć aktywny udział w wydarzeniu, do 7 marca należy wypełnić formularz rejestracyjny Szczegółowe informacje znajdziesz na stronie internetowej konsorcjum EPICUR. Dowiedz się więcej!

English version:

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the fifth EPICamp organized as part of EPICUR – a consortium of universities, associating the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and the universities of Strasbourg, Freiburg, Amsterdam, Karlsruhe, Vienna, Salonik and Mulhouse.

At the EPICamp V we will discuss challenges and opportunities on sustainable cities and regional transitions in an interactive setting linking researchers across countries and disciplines and non-academic stakeholders alike. The EPICamp will take place online on March 31st to April 1st 2022, and will be hosted by BOKU University Vienna. Please find the above Call of Participation.

We warmly invite everyone interested in the topic, particularly early career researchers within the EPICUR community ( If you are interested in participating, we would be glad to receive your submission by 7th March.

Expanding the concepts of traditional scientific conferences and workshops, EPICamps are open gatherings engendering new partnerships and serving as seedbeds for research ideas beyond the scopes of single disciplines or fields. They feature various formats, ranging from short presentations and panel discussions to academic matchmaking events and interactive ad-hoc discussion rounds, from virtual posters and project exhibits to search/offer blackboards. EPICamps offer emerging scholars the opportunities to present their research, interests, and ideas as well as discover and meet with peers who complement and expand their work. To foster manifold exchanges, the EPICamps – in addition to thematic sessions – also give room to researchers and non-university partners to connect over questions of methodology, tools, ethical queries and data management, didactics, science communication and other aspects of academic pursuits.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The EPICUR-Research Team